Kitty Couches II


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These cat beds are the perfect way to spoil the pampered felines in your life!

Choose from Your Majesty's Tufted Thone, Whimsical Minou or 3-in-1 Couch.

Your Majesty's Tufted Thone measures 14"L x 14"D x 19"H and has a back pocket to hold toys. Sitting area is 19" x 12".

Whimsical Minou is 19"D x 17"W x 19"H. Sitting surface is 6"H x 9"W and includes a mini coverlet perfect for a lazy afternoon nap.

The 3-in-1 Kitty Couch can be used as an L-Shaped Sofa, Chaise Lounge or a small 2-cushion couch. L-Shaped sofa is 24"D x 34"W x 13"H; Kitty Couch is 15"D x 24 1/2"W x 13"H; and Chaise Lounge is 24"D x 14"W x 13"H and includes 2 decorative pillows.

All couches are made using worsted-weight yarn and foam. The book includes assembly diagrams and diagrams for foam layout.

Skill Level - Intermediate