FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Please feel free to Contact Doc with any questions you may have.

FAQ – The most questions Doc gets askes, are about the Wood Patterns.

      1. Can you email the patterns to me?

             NO: All of the patterns Doc sells are in hard copy Only, and are Not Available in a Digital Format.

      2. Do I really need Transfer Paper?

              DEPENDS: if you are making an all-white display, you can cut the individual pieces out, then trace around them.

              If you are making a colorful display, then absolutely YES, it is the only way to transfer all of the paint lines to the wood. Now it is basically a paint by number to complete. 

      3. Can I use the patterns to make these displays to sell?

           NO: The patterns have a strong Copy Wright Law and you are limited to what you can do with the finished product.

      4. Will you combine shipping?

            YES, Doc is happy to combine shipping to save you money.